The Beautiful Mount Bromo

Brothers & sisters…, it has been five years when we visited mount Bromo, but the memory of it still strongly remain. It is one of the most beautiful place in the world I’ve ever visited. Mount Bromo is located in East Java, about two and a half hours drive from Surabaya. It is an active mountain, with altitude about 2,300 meters above sea level. The temperature in the area is quite freezing at night (can reach 3 degree celcius) but quite nice during the day (about 18 degree celcius). So, when you plan to visit mount Bromo make sure you bring proper clothings.

When we visited Bromo we stayed at Lava View Lodge. There are many places you can stay. I chose Lava View because it has very nice view to the mount Bromo and the surounding mountains.

my wife in front of The Lava View Lodge

Here is my daughter on a horse back, in front of the Lava View with mount Batok in the background. Mount Bromo was not visible because of the cloud / fog covering it.

Hosiana on a horse back

Below is the view of mount Bromo (left – covered by its volcano steam) and mount Batok (right)

Bromo (left) and Batok (right)

When the cloud arrives you hardly can see anything behind you, but it is a very exciting moment where we can feel and touch the cloud around us. We’re actually walking in the cloud.

Tina & Hosiana in the cloud

Very early morning we went up to Pananjakan to see the Sun rise. To go there you have to use a powerful vehicle, preferably a 4-wheel drive car. Don’t worry, you can rent it from the local car rental. From Pananjakan you can see the Sun rise and mountains’ tops from a higher elevation.

This is the Sun rise I captured using my pocket camera

When the day getting brighter you can see the marvelous view in front of you. It is one of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen.

Splendid beauty..!!

After watching the Sun rise and the scenes from Pananjakan we decided to go to mount Bromo to see the volcano. So we went down across the sand desert and stop near the Hindu temple.

in front of Hindu temple

To go up to the top we had to walk or ride a horse. We decided to get horses for us to bring us up to the stairway.

Tina riding a horse going up to the stairway of mount Bromo

Then we had to climb the stairway to go up to the top of mount Bromo to see the volcano.

Up up don’t look down guys..!!

After taking hundreds steps finally we reached the top, and wow….the view is great.

look down to the volcano, white steam come out frm the super big hole down below

and since we’re up here, taking pictures is a must…!!

That’s me..!

and here is another one

and another

After staying for  a while we went down heading back to the hotel for breakfast..

On the way down

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7 Responses to The Beautiful Mount Bromo

  1. Aa Ikhwan says:

    wow pemandangannya ajib-ajib ya om..mantaap 😀


  2. Adhitya Ramadian says:

    sudah 6 tahun di jakarta, berarti sudah 6 tahun meninggalkan malang, kangen pengen kesana lagi, pengalaman naik px150 asik juga ternyata


  3. ipanase says:

    perrasaan nggak dingin deh, hmmmm


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