Fight for superiority

Brothers & sisters, on my travel to a small village in East Java I noticed two cocks engaged in a serious fight. So I took some shots using my Black Berry camera.

Not sure what they’re fighting for. Looking at the size they are in the same age, probably they are brothers..fighting for teritory or may be for chicks..!

Anyway, I saw they’re exhausted so I came and split them apart before any of them get hurt.

About lexyleksono

A man from the country side of Jember - East Java, married and has one daughter. Love to travel, and to explore new things. I love motorcycles and photography. By writing in this blog, I want to share my life journey with you all (i.e. traveling, photos, motorcycle touring, etc.). I really do hope every reader will enjoy this blog. Thanks guys for visiting my blog, I hope you like it. Any comment is always welcomed. God bless you all..! Best regards, Lexy Leksono Email : or Phone : 08129668128 or 087877408314
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