The Travellers

Brothers & sisters…, I took the following pictures during my visit to Malaysia. It is interesting to see people traveling, some carry many luggage, some carry just one simple bag. Which one are you..?


me, I prefer not to carry more than one bag

me, I prefer not to carry more than one bag


About lexyleksono

A man from the country side of Jember - East Java, married and has one daughter. Love to travel, and to explore new things. I love motorcycles and photography. By writing in this blog simply I want to share my life journey with you all (i.e. traveling, photos, motorcycle touring, etc.). Thanks guys for visiting my blog, I hope you like it. Any comment is always welcomed. God bless you all..! Best regards, Lexy Leksono Email : or Phone : 08129668128 or 087877408314
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18 Responses to The Travellers

  1. macantua says:

    one simple bag dong om lex… kan mau liburan bukan pindahan rumah 😉 itu yg slalu ane lakuin tiap ke sono.


  2. one simple bag om, tapi lek sama istri ya gak bisa one simple bag. gawane wakeh :mrgreen:


  3. Aa Ikhwan says:

    jalan2 terus nih si om…ajib dah 😀


  4. Nelvian says:

    kalau contoh diatas sepertinya backpakcer nomad… seperti dua orang ini
    mereka keliling dunia dari tahun 2009 sampai sekarang, dengan tetap kerja dijalan sebagai freelance progammer…


  5. Nelvian says:

    komen saya nyepang om…


  6. ipanase says:

    yang satu backpaker
    yang 1nya one bag er 😀


  7. Leopold S says:

    lho itu foto yg dibawah, Rully sama Ovan ya? pas ke sepang mas?


  8. puguh05 says:

    aku biasanya bawa dua, 1 untuk baju, satu untuk laptop dll :p


  9. Mas Sayur says:

    ooo..ini pas nonton motogp tahun lalu,kah..?


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