Photos of beauty around

Brothers & sisters…, continue taking photos of objects around me, anything can be a target for photo taking. Using Canon EOS 600D, canon 18-55 lens.

a flower falling on my car's roof

a flower falling on my car’s roof

beginning of new lives

beginning of new lives

one of cactus family I believe

one of cactus family I believe

About lexyleksono

A man from the country side of Jember - East Java, married and has one daughter. Love to travel, and to explore new things. I love motorcycles and photography. By writing in this blog, I want to share my life journey with you all (i.e. traveling, photos, motorcycle touring, etc.). I really do hope every reader will enjoy this blog. Thanks guys for visiting my blog, I hope you like it. Any comment is always welcomed. God bless you all..! Best regards, Lexy Leksono Email : or Phone : 08129668128 or 087877408314
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6 Responses to Photos of beauty around

  1. motorideweb says:

    i have a problem using the view finder…my eyes are getting old he he…nice photo shot


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