Kuta beach, Putri Nyale beach, Mandalika beach, beautiful beaches at southern part of Lombok island

img_0852aBrothers & sisters…., this is my first visit to Lombok island. I’ve heard about how exotic and beautiful Lombok island is but just got a chance to visit it last weekend. This trip is a special one just for me and my wife. We are celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary by traveling to Lombok.

On our first day visit we went to a traditional village called desa Sade which I will write on the separate article. This time let me focus on the beaches located at Southern part of Lombok island. Actually there are many beaches and they are all very beautiful and exotic. We just did not have enough time to visit them all. Next time I will certainly visit them.

First is Kuta beach. Yes, the name is the same as the famous beach in Bali. Located about half an hour drive from Lombok International airport. The roads to reach this beach are overall in very good condition. There are also many taxis and rented cars at the airport to reach Kuta beach.

dsc08833a Kuta beach Lombok has white color sand, special about the sands is their size. The sand size at Kuta beach is relatively big. It looks like white peppers only a little bit smaller. The scenery is great all around, the water is clear and clean. What I do not like is the heat, it is really hot for me. But many western tourists seem to enjoy it. Here are some photos I took at Kuta beach Lombok.

dsc08834a dsc08838a dsc08840aSecond is Puti Nyale beach. Located not to far away from Kuta beach, it is about 10 – 15 minutes drive. Putri Nyale beach has very white sand. This beach is also very beautiful with clear water. Too bad though, during our visit the beach is not so clean, there are many grass rubbish all over the place. If only the management would clean these rubbish, the beach would look marvelous. Here are some pictures I took at Putri Nyale beach.

dsc08843a dsc08844a dsc08847a dsc08862a img_0845a img_0847aThe third beach we visited is Mandalika beach. This beach is very close to Putri Nyale beach. It is actually within walking distance. Mandalika beach is also known as pantai Seger. At the corner of this beach there is a statue of Princess Mandalika. According to the local legend, princess Mandalika is a very beautiful princess with very kind heart. The beach it self is also very pretty. Here are some photos I took during our visit.

img_0859a img_0877a img_0898a img_0905a img_0908aI think I will be coming back some day, there are still many places to visit if only I have enough time.

Thanks to Lombok Tour plus for the great tour. 


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  1. Aluvimoto says:

    awesome shot! well i guess i have to go there someday šŸ™„


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