Traveling to Ho Chi Minh City – Cu Chi Tunnels and Independence Palace (day 2)

Brothers & sisters…., felt so fresh that morning on the 2nd day in Ho Chi Minh city. We had great breakfast in the hotel restaurant, the foods are really excellent, fresh and tasty. I had to break my diet rules, after all I was on holiday no diet rule applied. So I enjoyed my breakfast very much, for sure what I had were all delicious and nutritious.

At 9:00 sharp our tour guide arrived to pick us up. Our first destination for today is Cu Chi tunnels, about 2 hours drive from Saigon. Not much to tell on the way between Saigon and Cu Chi. The traffic going out from Saigon was not good until we reached the toll road. After about 2 hours we arrive at our destination, the famous Cu Chi Tunnels.

Mr. Du or we call him Wahyu bought us the tickets and lead us all the way. The entrance is quite interesting, we have to enter a tunnel. In the middle of this tunnel is the main entrance.

me and my daughter at Cu Chi tunnels main entrance

me and my daughter at Cu Chi tunnels main entrance

Pak Wahyu then lead us to a no-wall building to watch a video and to listen to the person explaining in detail about Cu Chi tunnels. The tunnels are connected to each other, the overall length is about 250 km, there are 3 layers of tunnels and there are many rooms in the ground connected by these tunnels, such as meeting rooms, storage rooms, kitchens, etc. These tunnels were used for hiding place by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war.

Mr. Du is explaining about the tunnels

Mr. Du is explaining about the tunnels


To keep the air flowing in and out the tunnels there are many ventilation built, but these ventilation were made to resemble termites homes so the enemy did not notice them. There are many secret entrances, these entrances are small so that only small size person can enter, most likely American soldiers cannot fit to these entrances.


My daughter is trying to enter the tunnel using a small entrance

img_2609a img_2611a

a big hole entrance

a big hole entrance & exit with two tunnels going to separate ways

Here we also can see the remains from the war, weapons, bombs, tanks, guns, etc. We also may try to shoot by paying a few thousands dong. We may choose the weapon we want to try. I was not interested in trying any of these shooting practice and non in the group wanted to try, so we just walked by.

a women soldier

a women soldier

the soldiers

the soldiers

img_2643a img_2646a img_2655a img_2658a

There are some tunnels that visitor may enter with various length, 20 mtr, 40 mtr, 120 mtr pick your choise. My family tried the shortest one the 20 mtr tunnel jus to satisfy our curriosity.

Quieing to enter the tunnel

Queuing to enter the tunnel

Entering the tunnel

Entering the tunnel

After Cu Chi tunnels our next destination is the Independence Palace also called Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh city. But before going there we stop for lunch at a fine Vietnamese restaurant in the city.

For the visit to Independence Palace I have shared in my previous post and be viewed by clicking here.





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