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Photography – Full Moon

I went home late from a meeting tonight. I saw the Moon shining very brightly. Excited to see it I rushed to get my camera. Installed my Canon 70-300mm lens and started shooting.

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Watermelon-shape full moon

Brothers & sisters…, I took these photos last night. Even though the sky was not totally clear but I still be able to capture the Moon. Looking at the photos remind me of a watermelon.  

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My Super Moon photos

Brothers & sisters…., I am very fortunate to see this super moon. I was told this is a rare scene, the moon look bigger than usual. I took these pictures a while ago. 

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The full moon in the early morning July 14, 2014

Brothers & sisters…, for couple of months I missed the full moon because the sky above my house was always cloudy. Yesterday morning I was so fortunate, woke up early in the morning (around 5 a.m.), went out side and … Continue reading

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