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Photos of Red Dragonfly

Brothers & sisters…, I was happy to see this red dragonfly near my small pond. I took my camera and had several shots. Here they are.

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The smiling dragonfly

Brothers & sisters…., I took some photos of this dragonfly this noon. Looks, the dragonfly is actually smiling when I took a close up of its face. If you don’t see its smile, then you have to use your imagination. … Continue reading

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Brown Dragonfly 

During this raining season there are many dragonflies around my house. This is on of them, I took these photos yesterday.

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Colorful dragonfly

This morning photo shooting, a dragonfly I shot using EOS 600D with 18 – 55 mm lens kit. I set the camera on RAW and then edited and saved them in JPG file for smaller size files. This is my … Continue reading

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The green dragonfly – (Capung)

Brothers & sisters…, musim kemarau agak jarang ketemu capung di sekitar rumah, tidak seperti musim hujan banyak capung berseliweran. Ini ketemu satu ekor yang agak susah didekati, terpaksa harus super sabar dan jaga jarak utk dapat memotretnya.  

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Photography : blue & green dragonflies

Brothers & sisters…, during rainy season we can easily find many kind of dragonfly, small one, big one, green, blue, red, brown, orange, etc. These ones below are the small size dragonflies, I found many green ones but only a … Continue reading

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Photography : dragonfly – silhouette

Brothers & sisters…., I took this dragonfly photos against bright blue sky resulting in beautiful images.

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