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After rain photos

These photos were taken using my handphone camera with macro lens attahed to it. Happy to see the remaining water on the flowers.

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Stand up, show yourself to the world

Brothers & sisters…, bunga-bunga kecil ini menarik perhatian saya karena dia berdiri lebih tinggi dari pada rumput di sekitarnya dan menunjukkan kecantikannya. Andaikan dia sembunyi, mana mungkin saya mendekati untuk memotretnya. Moral of the story: people will never notice you, … Continue reading

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The only one left

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Beautiful purple lotus

I took these shots in the Vinh Trang temple front yard in the Delta Mekong area. They look very beautiful.

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Finally my Cattleya Orchid is blooming

Brothers & sisters…., after no flower for quite a while finally my Orchid shows its bloom. This kind of Orchid is one of my favorite, the flower is very beautiful. I have several of this but at this moment only … Continue reading

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Photography : Bunga Kenikir (Cosmos Caudatus)

Brothers & sisters…., here are photos of small flower in Indonesian known as Kenikir. The flowers are actually quite small but have their own beauty.

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The remaining cristal clear rain drops

Bothers & sisters…, my main photo target are the flowers, but the remains of last night rain drops look great also.

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Brothers & sisters…, I took these photo during my motorcycle touring to Wonosobo – Central Java. I really don’t know the name of this flower, it’s simply beautiful.  

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Bird-like flower – bunga Cucakrowo

Brothers & sisters…, this flower was brought from North Sumatra several years ago and now I have it in my back yard. The unique thing about this flower is its shape. It looks like a bird..!! People call it “bunga … Continue reading

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