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Photos of a green fly

Brothers & sisters…., iseng -iseng tadi pagi foto lalat hijau yang sedang asyik hinggap di bunga mungil tanaman pengusir nyamuk. Camera : Canon 77D; Lens : Canon EF 28mm 1:1.8; using ISO 100; f 3.5; 1/250s

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A Fly in macro – be careful

Brothers & sisters….., lalat rumah ketika dilihat menggunakan mata telanjang terlihat biasa-biasa saja, binatang kecil yang polos-polos saja. Tetapi ketika dilihat menggunakan foto makro binatang ini terlihat banyak rambut-rambut kecil menutupi tubuhnya. Rambut-rambut kecil ini bisa jadi tempat menempelnya kuman-kuman … Continue reading

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A little fly and little flowers she loves

Brothers & sisters…, I found this little fly probably feeding on little flowers. I took these photos using my Samsung A8 hand phone camera with macro lens attached to it.  

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Photography : the green fly (lalat hijau)

Brothers & sisters…, normally people don’t like this fly because it usually loves dirty places, but if we have a closer look, it is actually quite good looking..

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Photography : green fly playing bubble

Brothers & sisters…, this green fly is having bubble on its mouth. Not sure what this fly is doing.

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Photography : Fly

Brothers & sisters…, just want to share the photos I took this morning. This fly probably still asleep when I took photos of it. It didn’t move a bit even though my camera lens was only inches from it.

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Photography : Fruit Fly

Brothers & sisters…, I found this little creature enjoying a rotten mango that already fell from the tree. I really don’t know the name of it, but it must be one kind of fruit flies.

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