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After the rain photos

It is akways great to ve able to take some shots of subjects just after the rain. When the subjects are still wed and the remaining water is still there, I just love to take pictures at this moment.

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Baby grasshopper & honey bee

Has been quite a while I didn’t take photo of those little beautiful creatures. This morning just next to my house I saw a baby grasshopper enjoying its morning and a honey bee that is busy collecting nectar.  

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The smiling dragonfly

Brothers & sisters…., I took some photos of this dragonfly this noon. Looks, the dragonfly is actually smiling when I took a close up of its face. If you don’t see its smile, then you have to use your imagination. … Continue reading

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Fotografi : Extension tube efektif untuk foto makro

Brothers & sisters…,  jika kita tidak memiliki lensa makro untuk kamera kita dan untuk membeli lensa makro harga nya lumayan menguras dompet, maka extension tube bisa menjadi alternatif pilihan. Extension tube yang banyak dijual di toko kamera cukup efektif untuk … Continue reading

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Photography : a head with many eyes

Brothers & sisters…, this small spider’s head size is probably 2 mm but look it full of eyes. Are those really eyes ?

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Macro Photography using smartphone Samsung A8 + macro lens

Brothers & sisters…, pengin bisa foto makro tetapi kamera saya hanyalah kamera saku yang terbatas kemampuan makro nya. Iseng-iseng nyari di internet apa ada lensa makro untuk kamera saku. Malah nemu tips membuat lensa makro sendiri untuk kamera saku. Terus … Continue reading

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