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After the rain photos

It is akways great to ve able to take some shots of subjects just after the rain. When the subjects are still wed and the remaining water is still there, I just love to take pictures at this moment.

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Travel photography – Scenery taken from offshore

When your are offshore, either at sea of lake, try to photograph the land from offshore. I love to have water as the foreground, the land as the subject and the sky above as the third part of the phothograph … Continue reading

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Mengambil foto pemandangan ketika berada di dalam pesawat terbang

Brothers & sister…, bagi yang sering bepergian menggunakan pesawat terbang pasti pernah memperhatikan pemandangan di luar. Ada awan putih dengan berbagai macam bentuk formasi bercampur dengan sinar matahari pagi atau sore yang sering kali menyajikan keindahan tersendiri. Sering juga terlihat … Continue reading

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