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The green dragonfly – (Capung)

Brothers & sisters…, musim kemarau agak jarang ketemu capung di sekitar rumah, tidak seperti musim hujan banyak capung berseliweran. Ini ketemu satu ekor yang agak susah didekati, terpaksa harus super sabar dan jaga jarak utk dapat memotretnya.  

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Photography : closer look to a little green dragonfly

Brothers & sisters…, in my small village you can find this little green dragonfly very easily. The population of this one is quite abundant compared to the blue color or the red one. Let’s take a closer look. closer look

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Photography : Dragonfly # 4

Brothers & sisters…, I have a good memory playing with this dragonfly in my childhood. This dragonfly is bigger compared to the other dragonflies. It kills and even eats the smaller dragonflies. So, using a smaller size dragonfly as a … Continue reading

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