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Meant for each other

Mereka berbeda dalam segala hal, tetapi mereka bekerja sama saling menolong untuk kebaikan bersama. Tuhan menciptakan perbedaan untuk saling mekengkapi, saling menolong, saling bekerja sama. No one is perfect.

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My dragonfly is back

Brothers & sisters…, after for a while I didn’t she her around, this noon I saw her on her favorite spot, it was too bright to take photo so I waited until after 16:00 to get better shots. Luckily the … Continue reading

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Horn beetle – Kumbang tanduk

Brothers & sisters…, sudah lama saya tidak ketemu dengan kumbang tanduk (horn beetle). Jadi ketika melihat dua kumbang jantan & betina sedang pacaran saya ambil foto nya. It is a unique, I would say weird looking creature, the male has … Continue reading

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A beautiful moth

Brothers & sisters…, I think this is the most beautiful moth I ever photograph. I found this pretty creature on the wall this morning. Look how beautiful it is.    

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A beautiful insect

Brothers & sisters…, I found this little colorful insect crawling in a grass. The combination of its colors is really beautiful.

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Macro photography: enjoying the warm morning

Brothers & sisters…, I took these pictures on Sunday morning. Just before I went to church I spotted this pretty butterfly and a little insect on a tiny flower. I used my Sony HX50V pocket camera on superior intelligence mode. … Continue reading

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Mantis camouflage

Brothers & sisters…, almost unnoticed, yes this mantis is in perfect camouflage with the grass she is resting on. At first I didn’t notice it, but when I took a closer look then I saw it. Hmm…what a perfect hiding … Continue reading

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