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Horn beetle – Kumbang tanduk

Brothers & sisters…, sudah lama saya tidak ketemu dengan kumbang tanduk (horn beetle). Jadi ketika melihat dua kumbang jantan & betina sedang pacaran saya ambil foto nya. It is a unique, I would say weird looking creature, the male has … Continue reading

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A beautiful moth

Brothers & sisters…, I think this is the most beautiful moth I ever photograph. I found this pretty creature on the wall this morning. Look how beautiful it is.    

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A beautiful insect

Brothers & sisters…, I found this little colorful insect crawling in a grass. The combination of its colors is really beautiful.

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Macro photography: enjoying the warm morning

Brothers & sisters…, I took these pictures on Sunday morning. Just before I went to church I spotted this pretty butterfly and a little insect on a tiny flower. I used my Sony HX50V pocket camera on superior intelligence mode. … Continue reading

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Mantis camouflage

Brothers & sisters…, almost unnoticed, yes this mantis is in perfect camouflage with the grass she is resting on. At first I didn’t notice it, but when I took a closer look then I saw it. Hmm…what a perfect hiding … Continue reading

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Photography : Black and Beautiful

Brothers & sisters… I just want to share some photos I took a few days ago.

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Photography : baby green grasshopper

Brothers & sisters…., I was fortunate to find this baby grasshopper, dominated by dark green color, with white eyes and yellow-dark cheek, it is lovely.

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