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Photography : a head with many eyes

Brothers & sisters…, this small spider’s head size is probably 2 mm but look it full of eyes. Are those really eyes ?

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Photography : Green spider

Brothers & sisters…, check out this beautiful spider, I took these photos yesterday morning. Look at the color of her body, similar to the color of the plantation on the background. Yes, she built her web above this plant.   … Continue reading

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Photography : Spider # 3 building a house

Brothers & sisters…, this big spider is busy building its web high on a tree. The night before there was strong wind that destroyed its web, so it built a new one still on the same spot. Too high & … Continue reading

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Photography : Spider # 2

Brothers & sisters…, this spider is building its home nicely near the entrance of my mother’s house. I didn’t notice the day before, but when I saw it I took my camera and started to take photos.

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Photography : a little spider and the yellow flower

Btothers & sisters…, merupakan kesenangan tersendiri bisa mengabadikan keindahan alam melalui jepretan kamera. Seekor laba-laba kecil ini saya foto ketika sedang touring ke Wonosobo. Sebenarnya saya sedang mengabadikan bunga-bunga kecil warna kuning yang nampak indah. Tetapi ternyata ada laba-laba kecil … Continue reading

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