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Saturday morning ride with my Vulcan 650

It has been quite a while not to use my Kawasaki Vulcan 650 for a ride. My weekends have been busy with other things (other than riding). Last Saturday morning was a very nice morning, just perfect for lazy ride … Continue reading

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My first ride in 2020

01 January 2020 was not a good day to celebrate for many people living in Jakarta and the surroundings. The great downpour that started from the dusk of the new year eve had made many parts of Jakarta badly flooded. … Continue reading

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Weekend ride bersama Vulcan ijo aka si Kanijo

Sejak kehadiran si Vera, si Kanijo sedikit tersisih karena saya lebih banyak jalan bareng si Vera. Kenapa..? Mungkin karena si Vera lebih baru, biasa lah kalau cinta lbh tertuju kpd yg lbh baru, masih anget gitu kira2. Tapi pagi ini … Continue reading

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