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Bird Photography – White-headed Munia (Emprit Bondol)

Brothers & Sisters…, semakin hari saya kok semakin senang dengan fotografy, terutama fotografy alam (nature photography) termasuk di dalamnya foto pemandangan, flora dan fauna. Pagi kemarin saat jalan-jalan pagi bersama anjing kecil saya, sengaja saya membawa kamera. Maksud hati mau … Continue reading

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Photography – Lizard having breakfast

This morning I was fortunate to see this Lizard eating a cocroach. I saw it chased the cocroach on the ground, then quickly ran to the tree with its mouth full. I quickly grabbed my camera and fire some shots.

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Travel photographs – a group of deer enjoying the beach

I took these photographs some times ago at Komodo island beach. These deer are relaxing, enjoying the beach just before sunset. They are a few among many kind of wild animals living in Komodo island.  

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