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A man from the country side of Jember - East Java, married and has one daughter. Love to travel, and to explore new things. I love motorcycles and photography. By writing in this blog, I want to share my life journey with you all (i.e. traveling, photos, motorcycle touring, etc.). I really do hope every reader will enjoy this blog. Thanks guys for visiting my blog, I hope you like it. Any comment is always welcomed. God bless you all..! Best regards, Lexy Leksono Email : or Phone : 08129668128 or 087877408314

Kangen Touring Motor

Brothers & Sisters…, sudah hampir setahun, tepatnya sejak Covid-19 melanda dunia termasuk Indonesia tercinta, dari kota hingga ke desa-desa, touring motorpun seakan terhenti. Bagaimanapun harus menjaga diri, menjauhi kerumunan dan sebisa mungkin tinggal di rumah. Touring terakhir adalah ke Tawangmangu, … Continue reading

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Riding santai saat Covid-19 masih merajalela

Brothers & sisters…, saat ini Covid-19 semakin merajalela, merebak ke seluruh penjuru negeri mengifeksi banyak manusia tua dan muda. Pemerintah gencar mengkampanyekan untuk jaga jarak, tetapi yang namanya manusia tetap sulit untuk bisa benar-benar mengikuti anjuran pemerintah tersebut. Yang penting … Continue reading

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Tonight sky – full moon

After several days always raining at night, tonight is different. There is no rain eventhough the sky is not totally clear from the cloud. Yet I am happy to be able to photograph the fullmoon.

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White-Headed Munia

White-headed Munia in Javanese it is called Emprit Kaji, often called Bondol Haji (Indonesian). I photographed this bird last weekend. Actually there are five or six of them, but I could not shoot the others. There are aslo many other … Continue reading

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Photography : Small Woodpeckers

I am happy to be able to take pictures of these Woodpeckers. There are two small Woodpeckers in these pictures. They look the same, but actually there are two different birds. These two look small in size compared to the … Continue reading

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Beautiful Flowers

I am happy this morning I got a chance to take photos of these beautiful flowers. Last nigt was raining hard, you can see the remains from last night rain on these flowers creating more interesting photos.

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After the rain photos

It is akways great to ve able to take some shots of subjects just after the rain. When the subjects are still wed and the remaining water is still there, I just love to take pictures at this moment.

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Beautiful old grass flowers

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After rain photos

These photos were taken using my handphone camera with macro lens attahed to it. Happy to see the remaining water on the flowers.

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The Full Moon

Lats night was a perfect night for full moon picture taking. The sky was clear, the cloud that usually covers the moon was not there at all.

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