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Yonggungsa temple

A beautiful place, I just love to be here.

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Drink anyone..?

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Leafless tree

Taken in the morning, alone leafless tree.

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Singapore – Early morningĀ 

The roads are still empty, no one walking around, quiet and calm Singapore in the early morning.

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Never stop blooming

Brothers & sisters…., I planted this flower a few months ago. It grows quickly and now never stop showing its beautiful flowers. 

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Club motor arogan di jalan??

Brothers & sisters…., kalau ada yang mengatakan club motor arogan di jalan, tentunya yang mengatakan itu punya dasar untuk mengatakannya. Bisa jadi dasarnya dia mengalami sendiri atauĀ melihat sendiri, atau dari cerita orang lain yang menyaksikan tindak arogan club motor. Jujur … Continue reading

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Amazing scenery from above

One thing I love flying early in the morning is the scenery. When the Sun is starting to shine and you are thousands feet above the ground, you’ll see amazing view up there. You can see top of mountains reaching … Continue reading

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