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Fallen but still has its beauty

Brothers & sisters…, this flower has fallen from its tree, but the its beauty remain even though only for a day.

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My Orchids bloom

Brothers & sisters…, I checked my orchids this afternoon and I’m happy to see that my little white color orchid is blooming. Unlike the other orchids which flower can last for weeks (even months), this little white orchid can only … Continue reading

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The green eyes

Brothers & sisters…, there are many cats in my neighborhood, they don’t belong to any one. Here is one of them resting..

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Gate to the light

Brothers & sisters…, I took this picture this afternoon. Just before the dark cloud completely covered the sun light there was still an opening that looked really amazing.    

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Yamaha sport 250cc meluncur Januari 2014 ??

Brothers & sisters…, membaca kemarin, mengenai Yamaha 250cc 2 silinder, saya cukup terkejut dan senang juga. Terkejut karena di berita itu ditulis bahwa di Indonesia peluncurannya adalah di pertengahan Januari 2014. Sementara selama ini info-info yang saya baca motor … Continue reading

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Moments before sunset 25 Oct’13

Brothers & sisters…., on my way home from office I was stuck in traffic for hours, not sure what happened but it was really bad. Luckily I brought my camera with me and the sunset view was marvelous. So I … Continue reading

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Cipayung Morning Scenery

Brothers & sisters…., weekend yang lalu saya berkesempatan pergi ke Cipayung – Bogor untuk suatu acara. Pada saat pagi hari pemandangan dari villa saya menginap sungguh menarik. Berikut beberapa hasil jepretan dari kamera HP Nokia X6 saya.

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My daughter’s sweet 17th birthday

Brothers & sisters…, this actually happened on the 5th October’13, I just didn’t get a chance to sort out the pictures to be shared on this blog. We’re all happy to see our beloved daughter has grown up to her … Continue reading

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Photography : drinking butterfly

Bothers & sisters…, caught this little butterfly in action, sucking its favorite food from a blooming flower.

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Photography : Wild flower

Brothers & sisters…, check out this little wild flower with tiny fruits. Even though it is so small, to me it is beautiful.

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