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Nature photography -Squirrel

While walking in the park I spotted this cute looking Squirrel. I managed to take some shots before she took off. Here are two photographs: I was about 7 meters away but she noticed that a camera was pointed at … Continue reading

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Bird photography – Sparrow

This small bird can be found almost every where. These two birds and their group visit my back yard every day. They come and go all day start in early morning and disappear at sundown.    

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Lembah Ngarai Sianok and Janjang Saribu Bukit Tinggi

Lembah Ngarai Sianok adalah semuah lembah yang terletak di daerah Bukit Tinggi. Di sini kita bisa menikmati pemandangan indah alami, sebuah lembah dengan sungai, daratan datar dan tebing-tebung menjulang. Dari lembah Ngarai Sianok juga kita bisa menjumpai Janjang Saribu, yaitu … Continue reading

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Travel photographs – a group of deer enjoying the beach

I took these photographs some times ago at Komodo island beach. These deer are relaxing, enjoying the beach just before sunset. They are a few among many kind of wild animals living in Komodo island.  

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Travel photograph – scenery from the airplane

These photographs were taken during my flight from Jakarta to Seoul. A long flight can make you bored especially when you have nothing to do. You just sit on your seat for several hours without much activities you can do. … Continue reading

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Jam Gadang di Bukit Tinggi, the Big Ben of Indonesia

Do you know how many Big Ben are there in the world? I have visited only two, one is in London, England I visited many years ago, the other one is in Bukit Tinggi Indonesia, I visited just recently. The … Continue reading

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Berkunjung ke Villa Kayu Putih di Alahan Panjang Sumatera Barat

Pada saat business travel ke Muara Laboh dan mau ke Bukit Tinggi saya sempat mampir ke sebuah Villa baru di daerah Alahan Panjang dekat danau kembar. Kalau dari arah Padang dan sudah sampai di danau kembar ada jalan kecil ke … Continue reading

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Travel photography – Scenery taken from offshore

When your are offshore, either at sea of lake, try to photograph the land from offshore. I love to have water as the foreground, the land as the subject and the sky above as the third part of the phothograph … Continue reading

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Travel Photographs – The colors of Fall season

I always love when it come to Fall season, the trees change their leaves color from mostly green into many yellow, grey, red, orange and other colors I can’t name it. They make the world more colorful. These photographs I … Continue reading

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A Seahorse ?

I took this photo in late August 2019. I just took the shot without knowing what it is. I just realized it today when I opened my photo files. The old wood on top, it looks like a Seahorse, a … Continue reading

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