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The remaining cristal clear rain drops

Bothers & sisters…, my main photo target are the flowers, but the remains of last night rain drops look great also.

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Brothers & sisters…, I took these photo during my motorcycle touring to Wonosobo – Central Java. I really don’t know the name of this flower, it’s simply beautiful.  

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Photography : Small Grasshopper

Brothers & sisters…, I found this small insect, a brown grasshopper. Looking at the detail color of this small insect, I think it’s really beautiful.        

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Bird-like flower – bunga Cucakrowo

Brothers & sisters…, this flower was brought from North Sumatra several years ago and now I have it in my back yard. The unique thing about this flower is its shape. It looks like a bird..!! People call it “bunga … Continue reading

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Christmas worship & celebration at GMII Logos Jakarta

Brothers & sisters…, Christmas is here, the big and most joyous moment for every Christian on earth. The moment of worship and praise to God Almighty, the moment of celebration for the first coming of Christ the Lord. Here are … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, Selamat Natal..

Brothers & sisters…, to all beloved readers & guests of who celebrate Christmas, we wish you a very merry Christmas and have a great joy and happy moments with all your beloved ones. May God bless us all with … Continue reading

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Foto-foto perjalanan Pantura – Wonosobo – Dieng – Jogja

Brothers & sisters…, ini adalah sedikit foto-foto kenangan saat touring ke Jogja melalui Pantura – Wonosobo – Dieng – Jogja. Ini hanya sebagian saja dari banyak foto-foto yang saya ambil dalam perjalanan. Bagi saya foto sangat penting, dengan foto kita … Continue reading

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Photography : Dragonfly # 4

Brothers & sisters…, I have a good memory playing with this dragonfly in my childhood. This dragonfly is bigger compared to the other dragonflies. It kills and even eats the smaller dragonflies. So, using a smaller size dragonfly as a … Continue reading

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Photography : Dragonfly #3

Brothers & sisters…, I rarely see red color dragonfly, at least around my house. This morning I saw one in my backyard. So I went to get my camera and managed to have some shots before it flew away. Here … Continue reading

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Photography : a little spider and the yellow flower

Btothers & sisters…, merupakan kesenangan tersendiri bisa mengabadikan keindahan alam melalui jepretan kamera. Seekor laba-laba kecil ini saya foto ketika sedang touring ke Wonosobo. Sebenarnya saya sedang mengabadikan bunga-bunga kecil warna kuning yang nampak indah. Tetapi ternyata ada laba-laba kecil … Continue reading

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