Kampung Komodo in the morning

Brothers & sisters…, these photos were taken from a boat offshore of Komodo Island.

img_3422a img_3434a img_3438a

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Rise and shine from rooftop of a small boat

Brothers & sisters…., 17 Feb 2017 I woke up in a very early morning, found myself in a small cabin of a boat. I look at the window, I saw nice calm water out there. I grabbed my camera and went out side, looked at the east side of the horizon. Great…, I saw a nice beautiful scenery there. Yup.., the sun is about to rise making amazing sky painting. I climbed up to the roof to get better position for picture taking. Here are some photos of the sunrise I took that morning:


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A Wonderful Family trip to Komodo Island, you must try.

Brothers & sisters…., Komodo is one of the rarest lizard on the planet, it is also one of the biggest living lizard at present time and they live only in Komodo Island and neighboring Rinca Island located in eastern part of Indonesia. I have been dreaming for visiting Komodo Island and finally last week my dream came true.

A big Komodo photographed by my daughter Hosiana.

A big Komodo photographed by my daughter Hosiana.

To reach Komodo island we had to go by boat, sailing from Labuan Bajo. We used a relatively small boat. She has 2 bedrooms with 2 beds in each room. There is an open room in the middle where we can use as dining room and gathering room.

img_3250a img_3266aWe started sailing in the morning around 9 o’clock, there are some places we will visit for snorkeling before we go to Komodo island. I must say that this trip is really exciting and lots of fun. Along the way we enjoyed the beautiful scenery, there are many small islands with georgeus landscapes. Here are a few photos I took on our way to Komodo island.

img_3261a img_3287a img_3288a img_3294aThe first stop is Kanawa island. This is a small island with white sand beach and crystal clear water, beautiful sea corral and lots of pretty small fish. We spent some time here in the water snorkeling to enjoy the wonderful view under the surface.

Beautiful Kawana beach

Beautiful Kanawa beach, the water is so clear and plenty of fish to see

dsc09667aAfter spending some time at Kanawa beach, we moved on heading toward Komodo island. But before that we stopped by Manta point to see Manta ray, and if we are lucky to swim along side Manta ray. Indeed we spotted a big Manta ray swimming near our boat. Unfortunately we did not have an underwater camera, so we could not take any underwater picture.

Getting ready to see Manta ray

Getting ready to see Manta ray

img_3275aIt’s getting late we had to rush to Komodo island before it is closed for visitor. The island is closed for visitor at 16:30. So, after Manta point we sailed directly to Komodo island. We arrived there at around 16:30, just about time the rangers prepared to close the gate. But our Captain spoke to the rangers and they allowed us to enter the island.

img_3295a img_3297a img_3305a

After safety briefing, we were led by a ranger to enter the forest to find this prehistoric animal. Unfortunately after half an hour walking across the forest we found no lizard. What we met was a group of wild bore searching for food. We also saw many kind of birds. We decided to go up to the hill to try our luck out there. But there was no Komodo either. After an hour without any luck we decided to go back to the place where we started. Fortunately we finally found some Komodos there.

Do not try this without a ranger around. Komodo is a wild and very dangerous lizard.

Do not try this without a ranger around. Komodo is a wild and very dangerous lizard.

img_3325aNot only we found Komodo, we also met a group of wild bore and there are many of them running around the park.

This is one of wild bore, many of this running around the park

This is one of wild bore, many of this running around the park

As we headed back to the boat we met a group of wild deer laying on the beach. It seemed that they were cooling down and enjoy the breeze. Here are some of them,.

dsc09738a dsc09740a img_3348a img_3353aThat’s conclude our visit to Komodo island. It was really a new experience and adventure for us all and we are all happy to be here. Tonight we will stay overnight in the boat, to stay out of danger we sailed a few hundreds meters offshore.

Thanks to Wisata Komodo Tour for arranging a very exciting adventure.


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Golden hours at Kampung Ujung, Labuan Bajo

Brothers & sisters…., these photos were taken on the 18th Feb, 2017. Our tour guide brought us to Jembatan Putih (White Bridge), at Kampung Ujung, Labuan Bajo. He told me that the sunset is very beautiful here. 

I was waiting for the golden moment. While waiting we had some drinks and small snack and enjoyed the nice evening breeze.

After waiting for about one hour, just when we were preparing to leave, this marvelous scenes appeared in the sky. I took my Canon EOS D600 and started to capture some photos. What a beautiful evening.

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Beautiful Sunset at Labuan Bajo

Brothers & sisters…., I was very fortunate to see these amazing sunset. I took these photos yesterday evening from Laprima hotel, Labuan Bajo. 

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Amazing landscapes of Padar Island

I am so amazed to see these beautiful landscapes of Padar Island. To be able to see these you have to go to the top of the hill. Along the way up you will see beautiful scenaries all around you.

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Peaceful morning at Komodo island

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