Yonggungsa temple

A beautiful place, I just love to be here.

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Visiting Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Brothers & sisters…, dalam kesempatan traveling ke Busan saya menyempatkan diri untuk berkunjung ke salah satu kuil terkenal di Busan. Kuil Budha yang cukup besar dan terletak di pinggir laut itu adalah Haedong Yonggungsa.

Haedong Yonggungsa temple

Dari Haehundae menuju kuil ini cukup mudah, tinggal naik bus sekali sekitar 30 menit sudah tiba. Dari halte bus tempat kita turun kita harus berjalan menanjak beberapa kilometer untuk dapat mencapai kuil ini. Kuil yang ramai pengunjung ini memnyajikan pemandangan yang cukup menarik. Berikut foto-foto yang sempat saya ambil.

a close up of the far side of the Haedong Yonggungsa temple

Haedong Yonggungsa temple is built on the rock at the sea shore

The other side of the temple has a great view

A dragon statue in front of the main temple building

A large golden statue of the smiling Budha located next to the main temple building

Statue of the gods

many people visiting Haedong Yonggungsa temple, some of them come to pray, some are tourists.

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Visiting Gamcheon cultural village, Busan

Brothers and sisters…, I am happy to be able to visit on of tourist destinations in Busan area. Gamcheon cultural village has nice scenery, not only the houses which are built very close to each other and painted in various colors but also the mountains surround it is very beautiful.

Gamcheon cultural village

Gamcheon cultural village

The houses are built on the mountain slopes, there are thousands of them mostly small houses. They are built side by side with a very narrow space or even no space between houses. Among the houses there are very narrow alleys just enough for people to pass through.

You have to use stairs to go down and up the hills

Narrow alley among the houses

A main street, barely enough for two cars to pass through side by side, connects this village to the main road. There are many souvenir shops, coffee and beverages also available here.

This is the main road, many visitors using this road to walk through the village.

There many photo spots where you can take photos of yourself with nice backgrounds.

We are very fortunate because the weather is very nice during our visit so we can freely enjoy the beautiful scenery in a nice cool breeze.



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Visiting Haeundae beach, Busan

Brothers & sisters…., this is my second visit to Busan, Korea. Coming to Busan I choose to stay at Haeundae area. Why, because it is close to the beach, many good restaurants, very convenient, easy transportation, never sleep area. Here are some photos of Heundae beach area.

It’s me with my camera. Looks like a real photographer, am I not?

my wife and I am enjoy coming here


There are many pigeons and people especially children love to play with these birds.

The main pedestrian street is very convenient for people visiting this place. This road is mainly for pedestrians, small cars still be able to pass this street via a narrow lane provided for cars. But they have to drive very slowly and give priority to the pedestrians. I love it very much.

Taking photos at Haeundae street, very convenient and has great view.

Waiting to cross the main road

At night, this area is a never sleep area. People are still walking around event at mid night. The stores and restaurants are open until late at night.

Taking photo at night. At this time around the temperature is around 18 degC, but it is quite windy.

Tasting a local food, my first time eating this one.


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Drink anyone..?

Sign board of a small beer place

Some drinks in my hotel room

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Leafless tree

Taken in the morning, alone leafless tree.

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Moon photographs – a day before full moon

Brothers & sisters…, I always love to take photos of the Moon. Last week I took these two photos from the balcony of my hotel room. It was not yet a full moon but I saw moon shined brightly so I took my camera and took some shots. I am happy to have taken pictures that night because the next night (supposed to be full moon) the sky was covered by dark cloud and I hardly could see the moon.

Taken using Sony HX50V pocket camera closer zoom.

the Moon taken using Sony HX50V pocket camera, further zoom

Below is my versatile camera, I just love it because it is very handy and so powerful.

My pocket camera Sony HX50V equiped with wide angle to super zoom lens




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