Travel photos – while sailing

We travel many times in a year but rarely we go by a ferry. This time we have to go to other island and the closest distance is traveling by ferry. While in a ferry I took some photographs of my wife just for fun.

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Travel Photography – Beautiful beach of Ratenggaro village, Sumba island

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A Straight Road

When you find a road like this one all your problems will be gone with the wind (true for bikers 😃)

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Photography – Full Moon

I went home late from a meeting tonight. I saw the Moon shining very brightly. Excited to see it I rushed to get my camera. Installed my Canon 70-300mm lens and started shooting.

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Travel photography – Efrata Waterfall

Efrata waterfall located at Sosor Dolok, Harian, Samosir
One of the tourist destinations in North Sumatera.
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Photography – Dragonfly

A dragonfly often come to my yard, sometimes a red dragonfly, sometimes a yellow one but always one dragonfly. I have never seen more than one. Here is one that I photographed a few days ago.


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Photgraphy – Half Moon

The cloud has been taking over the sky these days, it covers the sky most of the time at this season. Yes it is monsoon in most part of Indonesia, so you would expect lots of rain every day. Last evening was different, I noticed the moon was shining although cloud was there also. I grabbed my camera and started to have some shots. It is still half moon, but you don’t need to wait until full moon to get a shot.

a closer exposure

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