My beautiful flower

This is one of the Adenium I planted several months ago. It grows up very slowly and now starting to flower.

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A small lizard

This small lizard lives in my front yard. I have photograhed it so many times. It is always great to have this little animal so I can practice my photography any time.

These photos were taken from my bed room. I am happy with the results even though there is a glass window between me and this lizard.

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The Moon

Late post of these photographs, the full moon and the half moon taken several days ago. Not so great because of the cloud during the full moon.

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Singgah di Gubuk Makan Idaman – Spesial Mangut Iwak kali

Brothers & sisters…, jalan-jalan ke Borobudur dapat kita jumpai banyak tempat makan di dalam kompleks candi sendiri atau di wilayah sekitaran candi Borobudur. Tetapi ada satu tempat makan yang selalu ingin saya singgahi ketika berkunjung ke Borobudur. Tempat makan ini khusus menyediakan berbagai masakan ikan kali. Ikan kali yang dimasak juga bermacam-macam, ada wader, lele, kutuk, gloso dan lain-lain. Ada yang digoreng saja ada juga yang dimasak mangut.

Ketika motoran ke Jogja dan mampir Magelang. Menikmati.ikan kali goreng di sini

Gubuk makan idaman ini saya singgahi pertama kali waktu sedang motoran di Jogja dan sekitarnya beberapa tahun lalu. Setelah itu hampir setiap motoran ke Jogja pasti mampir ke sini. Terakhir saya berkunjung ke sini beberapa waktu yang lalu bersama istri. Kali ini tidak mengendarai motor tetapi bermobil. Kunjugan ini adalah yang ke empat kali nya. Saya menyukai suasana alam yang santai, di pinggir sungai dan sawah memberi nuansa yang berbeda dari perkotaan yang hiruk-pikuk.

Tiba di warung pilih tempat lesehan yg menghadap ke kali

Gubuk makan yang menyediakan masakan ikan kali sebenarnya sudah lumayan banyak. Ya tinggal lihat saja di google pasti ketemu. Tetapi untuk daerah di dekat candi Borobudur tempat ini bagi saya sangat recommended. Masakannya sangat khas dan harganya juga relatif murah. Memang kondisi warung tempat makan ini ya tidak mewah dan modern. Tetapi bersih dan memang menghadirkan suasana pedesaan yang sederhana dan alami.

Kelapa muda penghapus dahaga, tersedia masih fresh baru dipetik

Bagi brothers & sisters yang sedang berkunjung ke wilayah Magelang, dekat-dekat candi Borobudur bisa mampir ke sini jika ingin makan siang santai dan sehat. Patokannya jembatan Srowol yang lama, sekarang ada jembatan yang baru yang tidak jauh dari sini. Paling gampang ya lihat saja di goole map, ketik saja judul di atas pasti ketemu.

Ikan dan nasi sudah tersaji tinggal menikmati nyum..nyum..
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The Red Dragonfly

This dragonfly was the only one I saw this morning. Looks very nice resting on a green leave. Unfortunately this one is a bit difficult to be approached. I got to photograph it from a distance. I was using my Canon D77 camera with fixed 50mm f 1.4 lens.

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Riding with friends from Jogjakarta to Tawangmangu

Brothers & sisters…, it has been quite a while that we do not ride together with Vulcan Riders Indonesia (VRI). Covid-19 has limited our liberty to get together, ride and have fun like we used. Many gathering and riding had been postponed or cancelled. Even the VRI 4th anniversary riding had to be postponed until end of August. Usually we do it around the 20th of July. However, the postponement did not make our excitement less or reduce our riding spirit. In fact the anniversary this time is attended by more than 50 VRI riders, it is the biggest number so far.

My green Vulcan 650 S

The riding started from Jogjakarta, the favorite tourist city in Indonesia, we rode directly to Pacitan (East Java) to have lunch over there. But before lunch we stopped at Pracimantoro to have a short break.

Filling our tank fuel at one of Pertamina fuel station

From Pracimantoro we went directly to Pacitan to have lunch. The previous plan was to go to Soge beach to have some photos taken. Soge beach is a very nice beach along side the alternative road. Usually people will stop by this beach to enjoy the beautiful beach view. But considering the limited time we have, we cancelled our visit to Soge beach and went directly to Pacitan for lunch.

Stop for rest at Pracimantoro

After lunch we rode our bikes directly headed to Nava hotel at Tawangmangu, Central Java. At first we planned to stop by Sarangan lake, but due to the time constraint we did not stop at Sarangan lake instead we continued riding to the hotel directly.

At Pacitan, right after lunch, heading to Tawangmangu
The above photos are taken at Pacitan beach

Almost dark when we arrived at Nava hotel Tawangmangu, after resting for a while, had a nice warm shower we then had a special night. That night was the celebration of Vulcan Riders Indonesia 4th anniversary, everyone was happy everyone enjoyed the night.

Stop for a while waiting for other members to come
Hand over from the former chairman to tne new chaiman of VRI
The members of the VRI task force team
VRI members from East Java
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Visiting Borobudur Temple one of the World Seven Wonders

Brothers & sisters…, it has been quite a while since my last visit to Borobudur temple. Borobudur is one of the world seven wonders. It is the biggest Budhist temple in Indonesia.

Unfortunately due to the covid-19, we cannot go up to the temple. We are only allowed to go around the temple and take pictures, but prohibited to up to the temple. The time for visitors is also limited to avoid the crowd. People may go in group of 10 to 20 max and must be escorted by a guide.

Even so we are enjoying our time, yes the time is limited but we still be able to see the temple and take some pictures. In a normal day we are allowed to go up to the temple and there is no time limit. We can be there as long as we like.

Since we could not go up there, here are some other pictures I took during our visit.

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After Raining Photos

Brothers & sisters…, there is always ways to get interesting photos. One of them is after raining photos. When rain water is still there on the flowers, it gives you nice looks on the photos.

Lovely flower, this photo was taken right after afternoon rain
Another beautiful flower shot after the rain

The above and below photos were taken using my Canon EOS 77D with 50 mm f 1.4 fix lens. It has been quite a while I did not use this lens, even though it always have it with me.

Here are some photos beautiful orchids

Pohon mangga

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The Full Moon August 4, 2020

Brothers & sisters…, it was around 7:00 PM when I when upstairs to take the full Moon photographs. Unlike the other nights when the cloud always covered the sky, to night it was the sky was clear. Yes, at the beginning there was still still thin cloud covering the arising moon, but it is okay, it makes the picture even look nice.

At first the moon is still very low, I managed to get the shot among the banana leaves, but there are still some cloud covering the moon.

After waited for a while finally the moon appear clear from the cloud and it is my opportunity to get some photos of tonight full moon. Below is one of them.

Although the result is not very crystal clear, but I am quite happy to be able to take the full moon photos tonight. Hopefully there is still a chance to take a better photos next time.

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The afternoon sky

Brothers & sisters…., yesterday afternoon just before the evening came, I was planning to take picture of the moon. It was not yet a full moon, but I wanted to take the picture anyway. A few minutes before, I saw the moon still being covered by a thin cloud, I took my camera hoping to get a clear sky and thus to get nice moon photos. Unfortunately it did not happen, the cloud kept covering the moon most of the time.

But yes, I got a few moment chance when the moon appeared clear from the cloud. I took the picture quickly before the moon disappeared again.

When there was no chance for me to shoot the moon, I went for other subjects in the sky. There was a kite and obviously lots of bats.

Next time I hope to get a clearer sky to shoot the full moon early in the evening. For these photos I was using Canon D77 camera with Canon 70-300 mm lens.

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