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Leafless tree

Taken in the morning, alone leafless tree.

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Curious bird – Swallow

Brothers & sisters…, out of curiosity this little bird is looking at me while I am taking some photos of it. Sitting comfortably on the wire this bird is resting after flying for meals. What a cute little bird..!  

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A pretty little bird – Swallow

Brothers & sisters…., two photographs of a Swallow resting on a bamboo stick. This bird kept coming to the same spot, it flew away to have its meals but then returned to the same stick. Stayed for a while and … Continue reading

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Yellow praying mantis

These photos were taken sometime ago, a yellow praying mantis.

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Amazing scenery from above

One thing I love flying early in the morning is the scenery. When the Sun is starting to shine and you are thousands feet above the ground, you’ll see amazing view up there. You can see top of mountains reaching … Continue reading

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A bright yellow little flower

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Photos: Deers relaxing and cooling down

Brothers & sisters…., these deers are having a good time relaxing and cooling down at the beach. Taken using my Sony HX50V camera at Komodo island some times ago.

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