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Photography – Sun bathing

The morning sunshine is good for your body and this little lizard knows it well.. 😃

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Photography – Butterfly

This morning I had nothing to do. Because of the Corona virus spread, I just stay at home. I was lucky there are many butterflies flying around my house. They are enjoying the morning and the flowers that are blooming.

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They are small, they are beautiful

We often ignore their present because they are too small to our eyes. But look closer and you see how beautiful they are.

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A young little bird – Finch

I was relaxing at home when I saw this little bird came resting in a start fruit tree in my front yard. I grabbed my camera and took several shots. This bird is still very young. I saw her mana … Continue reading

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Insect photography – Dragonfly

There is always one or two dragonflies around my house, the same dragonfly usually stays for a few days then another one comes. I notice this because they have different colors. Here is one I photographed two days ago.  

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Beautiful creature with wings – Butterfly

This little fellow can be found anywhere around the block, flying low from one flower to another. I love to photograph this little beautiful creature whenever I get a chance. These two butterflies I photographed when they are wandering in … Continue reading

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Night Photos – The Moon in the shadow

I was informed that last night was the time to watch a Super Moon, the time when the moon looks bigger than usual. But so unfortunate for me, the cloud took over the sky all night long. I woke up … Continue reading

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Travel photos – while sailing

We travel many times in a year but rarely we go by a ferry. This time we have to go to other island and the closest distance is traveling by ferry. While in a ferry I took some photographs of … Continue reading

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