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Amazing scenery from above

One thing I love flying early in the morning is the scenery. When the Sun is starting to shine and you are thousands feet above the ground, you’ll see amazing view up there. You can see top of mountains reaching … Continue reading

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Why I love window seat

Brothers & sisters, I have just landed at Juanda Airport, Surabaya. During my flight from Jakarta this morning I enjoyed the nice view out there. It is amazing to be up there watching great scenery. To enjoy this view is … Continue reading

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Touring Jakarta – Surabaya : Pemandangan menakjubkan dari atas awan

Brothers & sisters, touring dengan motor sudah sering saya post. Kali ini saya ingin berbagi indahnya peandangan dari atas awan ketika saya touring Jakarta – Surabaya dengan Citilink hehe.. Sengaja saya berangkat pagi, pesawat jam 6:10 dan saya sudah pesan … Continue reading

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Fight for superiority

Brothers & sisters, on my travel to a small village in East Java I noticed two cocks engaged in a serious fight. So I took some shots using my Black Berry camera. Not sure what they’re fighting for. Looking at … Continue reading

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