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The Red Dragonfly

This dragonfly was the only one I saw this morning. Looks very nice resting on a green leave. Unfortunately this one is a bit difficult to be approached. I got to photograph it from a distance. I was using my … Continue reading

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Riding with friends from Jogjakarta to Tawangmangu

Brothers & sisters…, it has been quite a while that we do not ride together with Vulcan Riders Indonesia (VRI). Covid-19 has limited our liberty to get together, ride and have fun like we used. Many gathering and riding had … Continue reading

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Visiting Borobudur Temple one of the World Seven Wonders

Brothers & sisters…, it has been quite a while since my last visit to Borobudur temple. Borobudur is one of the world seven wonders. It is the biggest Budhist temple in Indonesia. Unfortunately due to the covid-19, we cannot go … Continue reading

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After Raining Photos

Brothers & sisters…, there is always ways to get interesting photos. One of them is after raining photos. When rain water is still there on the flowers, it gives you nice looks on the photos. The above and below photos … Continue reading

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The Full Moon August 4, 2020

Brothers & sisters…, it was around 7:00 PM when I when upstairs to take the full Moon photographs. Unlike the other nights when the cloud always covered the sky, to night it was the sky was clear. Yes, at the … Continue reading

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The afternoon sky

Brothers & sisters…., yesterday afternoon just before the evening came, I was planning to take picture of the moon. It was not yet a full moon, but I wanted to take the picture anyway. A few minutes before, I saw … Continue reading

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Bertemu Ninja ZX25R Ganteng Pol

Brothers & sisters…, berita tentang Ninja 250 cc 4 silinder yang baru muncul di Indonesia mungkin bukan hal yang baru lagi. Sudah banyak berita disampaikan secara detail oleh para blogger roda dua. Saya pun sudah membaca tulisan beberapa blogger tentang … Continue reading

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