Tanjung Papuma – Jember

Brothers & sisters…, for those of you who love beach, there is a nice beach located in Southern part of Jember – East Java. It is not too far away from the city of Jember, approximately 40 minutes drive and you reach this white sand beach.

Papuma Beach - Jember

Papuma Beach – Jember

For the last few years there have been many changes made by the local government to make the beach attractive for visitors. The beach it self is now clean and look very nice. Asphalt and paving roads have been built around the beach for easy access. There are many restaurants, lodges / villas are also available for anyone to stay overnight.


Various trees covering the whole area next to the beach, so you don’t need to worry of getting sunburn on your skin. Wild animals such as monkeys, squirrels, big lizards, birds can be easily seen.

black monkey (lutung / budheng)

black monkey (lutung / budheng) high up on a tree


I personally like this place, it is now much better than the last time I visited this beach a few years ago. Here are some photos I took just a week ago.






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14 Responses to Tanjung Papuma – Jember

  1. touringrider says:

    Wah.. Jember terus nih spot fotonya


  2. Mas Wiro says:

    Mantep pakbro
    Akhirnya artikel Papuma…sayang saya saat kesana gak bisa eksplore maksimal
    Sekali cuaca bagus, sekali cuaca mendung…apes dah 😦


  3. Hill-men says:

    nice beach, but the wave kind of creepy, boleh renang gak dsana?


  4. dweezer19 says:

    Simply gorgeous place!


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